People who haven't received their Secret Santa.

 It's been a while since the deadline and to my knowledge several people still haven't received their secret santa.
I tried to contact iroh, but with no reply, so I figured maybe to start a post like this? (If there's no problems with it. I'll delete it instantly if there's any objections or stuff. I just want to try and help out for those who didn't get anything yet.)

Anybody who hasn't received their santa yet (if people are still checking here), just chime in here?
Or if you are willing to make art/fic for one of the people who missed out, all the better too! 
We could perhaps get a list going and get art/fic around to everybody who missed out c:
Or something of the kind at least. 

Personally I haven't gotten my SS, but I'm all up for filling in for somebody else who didn't get theirs as well c:
Gertalia Christmas


Hi all,

So, uh, I've been a bad mod, I realize. ORZ Our deadline for the exchange was supposed to be tomorrow, but thanks to a lot of nasty RL issues (getting the flu + having to move across country in less time than I thought I had), I failed to send you a reminder.

So while it seems kind of silly to do this for a SANTA exchange now that we're in the middle of January, I'm extending your deadline to Feb. 20, which gives you another month to finish (and plenty of time for me to nudge you with reminders). I know this was stupid of me, and I'm really, really sorry. But I guess this way people can get something for Valentine's Day as well?

Of course, if you're close to getting your fic or art done, please post it as soon as it's ready.
I know you've suffered

Special size 1/2

First, let me apology for writing so slowly ;;

: Special Size
Rating: This part is PG
Characters/Pairing: Ukraine/Hungary
Warnings:None on this chapter! (No Beta though, if that deserves a warning)
Summary: - Hungary/Ukraine: The two go out bra shopping. Can be a fluffy girls' day out or... something more ;)  [went with the 'something more', but we won't get to see that until next chapter~)

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Secret Santa

Title: A day at the beach
Author/Artist: xxcharyxx (or chary9 on deviantart)
Giftee: crotalus6
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: BelgiumxUkraine
: Sexy swimsuits ;D
Summary: Ukraine and Belgium have some fun on the beach.
(prompt:) Belgium/Ukraine: A day at the beach.. all the nations where supposed to go but they left them alone 8c oh well, they can still have fun, right?
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[fic] five plaits

Title: Five Plaits
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Recipient: twoxten
Character(s)/Pairing(s): fem!Canada-centric;; fem!France/fem!Canada, fem!England/fem!Canada, fem!America/fem!Canada, Ukraine/fem!Canada, fem!Prussia/fem!Canada
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: shoujo-ai, lots of kissing, genderbends everywhere,
Summary: The four times Canada has her hair braided, and the one time she does it for someone else.
Prompt: Any femnation/Fem!Canada -- hairbraiding

x-posted @ animusia, hetanada, nyotalia, hetalia_yuri, hetalia

"Listen, Canada, this is a time for feminism! A time of powerful women finally getting the rights they deserve, and of sexy woman being allowed to be sexy!"
Gertalia Christmas

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How awesome is it that three people posted today?! :D Anyway, my apologies for not giving you a posting guidelines post earlier. When posting, use something like this format:

Author/Artist: (your name or LJ name)
Giftee: (their lj name)
Warnings: (if any; please warn for potentially triggering subjects like rape, mentions of suicide, graphic violence and sex, etc.)

And please LJ cut (though you've all done great with that so far) Format for that is Collapse )